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You people are so full of yourselves all you do is dickride each other and the neckbeards get hards on thinking they have real friends. You're a nobody the people you ridicule are actually making moves and putting money in the bank. Hot and nude ladies. Luna lanie nude. YOU are just a mean person, whose extremely jealous, hateful, and very racist. Her face looks busted as hell. Because see if you keep trying to deny the truth in your fucked up head you actually believe what you say has been important enough for her to respond.

I find it funny Kay is always brought up to get the attention off Jessica. I'd have done the same thing. Lol you tried Luna. You got doxxed on Kiwifarms and you still come here for more and continue acting like a disgusting pile of shit. New york tits. It's always with the same non substantiated gossip from years ago. JPG She's all natural you jealous Asian bitches.

Meg I don't see cosplay as much as glamour model, but Meg has also shot for Playboy already. You people need to actually think about a new story line besides "luna comes here" because never happened in the past or now.

She also has over k fans you don't think she would let her close one know about this thread? I think Luna will always be batshit. She obviously has money to own property and get all this plastic surgery you people say she's had and travel so keep talking out your sushi ass. Luna you are no better than the girls you bash, you are just a less successful version of them. This is just a case of pure jealousy. How bout you, Loonie? I'm 5'2'' and weigh lbs So if she's 5'1'', I'd estimate she weighs about ….

It would make for some good chuckles. Why do you think all the pictures you people post are from a year ago when she was fat and the neckbeards loved her. When talented skilled cosplayers are ignored. No one fucking cares if an inch of a picture gets used as a background just like no one cares who uses boobs or butts to get views. Like this board is fir the retarded right. Jodie sweetin big tits. Did you think he'd get you famous too?

You are so fucking ugly cosplay is all you faggots will ever have to talk about. The fuck is with this weak ass community goal? She basically said she's over it and has been for over a year. No proof and I wouldn't be surprised if it's just the entire group going back and forth talking amongst one another to try to make someone look racist who isn't.

But the reality is these cosplayers make fun of their fans and shit talk every cosplayer behind their back. Luna, girl get some help, this is not healthy!

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Like you people are losers for real get over yourselves you make no money you get impressed when a company gives you a t shirt lmfao. Farmhand applications are open. Cum on tits pics. Luna lanie nude. Only someone with a personal vendetta would be so hateful because strangers usually don't give a fuck about cat fights.

It would be stupid to list full disclosure on income but I assure you Luna makes more than most if not all of them. No I'm just watching this thread for a friend. Luna, girl get some help, this is not healthy! Thatll come a longway, also stop buying your makeup from the dollarstore. Her fans complained to her that the quality of the calendar was bad and the rewards were never given. WeeGee Weegee is de wae. Too bad you failed already. I found them browsing tweets linked here. Naked women camping. And where the fuck do you see a link here of him asking for a hit man?

I wanna know what it is Luna actually does. This is worse than Kiki. YOU are just a mean person, whose extremely jealous, hateful, and very racist. Keep posting though we know you have nothing else going for you lol.

Glad to see you girls are still stalking a year later but no one that matters in adult life cares about you bumping this thread every other month. So, she's like SolidMario, but with tits and constant cow crossovers? Luna doesn't need cosplay never did so wtf are you talking about? Once or twice a month? Alex was always a little cock munch… but maybe Alex is the one that made Loonie into the giant bitch she is now?

Luna was the one who initially made a statement against Kayla when she started gaining popularity to try to stop people from following Kayla. Why are there people stupid enough to pay for this shit? She provides a product people buy it. Tip drill naked. Like it's boobs then legs or hips. His shit isn't even funny.

I read that on ib? Of course they were because they both use to fuck everyone and spread diseases.

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Better hope you have a back up plan. The only cosplayer that's weird about their dimesize nipples and placement is Nigri.

Cause all us "losers" are the only ones who show you any real attention that isn't jacking off. He believes it was Luna's fault and will stop at nothing to destroy her reputation. Cobie smulders naked sex. Kay, Jessica, swimsuitsuccubus, Mariah…I wonder who's next. Best youtube tits According to a lot of people she went to highschool with it sounds like she's been a stuck up bitch since middle school. It also seems very much like he said all this shit straight for attention only but who knows. Why would JNig troll Internet forums all day only to post on your thread?

Also lmao she just keeps losing patrons. Luna lanie nude. Defend her skank ass all you want, all she does is constantly talk shit about people. CasualSeppukuBroken PussyMelchett. And Nigri never needed her promo, where the fuck do you get that from?

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